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Om os

Om os

Vi er mærket, der fokuserer på fremragende belysning og designlamper. Vi tror på, at det er hele billedet, der skaber et perfekt hjem, ikke bare møbler, men en kombination af den rigtige belysning og stilfulde designs. Vi tilbyder designlamper og belysning online til alle slags rum i dit hjem, som også matcher de fleste forskellige indretningsstile. Vi er simpelthen din online lampebutik med vores egenlavede lamper og designprodukter.

By Calixter

Calixter has the ambition to offer the world's best design lamps for the whole home at the right price, with high quality and to be the obvious choice in design and lighting. By Calixter is our own brand where we combine exactly this.


Our first big investment Bolux table lamp has a stylish design with trendy features that fit perfectly in a home. We now have variety of lamps that specialize in stylish interior design and products that you as a customer can decorate and light up your home with. Products that can be seen at our online store include: Table lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, decorative lamps and other lighting. Take the opportunity to decorate your home today with products from Calixter's own range of lamps.

Long lasting products.

Calixter aims to always manufacture our own products in high quality, because we strongly believe in producing design and form that will last for several years without having to be replaced or the quality deteriorating.

Our By Calixter brand must last for several decades, and in this way our luminaires must be manufactured as climate-smart and sustainable as possible. We also boost and highlight products that are produced from recycled material and always take into account that you as a customer should know that the product you are buying is climate smart and has a sustainability mindset behind the production.

Based in Sweden

We are office based in the city of Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden. Our experts and designers specialize in creating lighting that reflect the minimalist, clean, and functional design aesthetic of Scandinavia.

"It should be just as important with lamps and lighting as it is with furniture in a home"

Calixter's Vision

The beginning

Company startup

Since we started working on our vision in 2017, we have worked hard to create a simple and smooth experience for you as a customer. Part of our vision is that lamps should be available to everyone regardless of type and budget. That's why we make sure you get the best in lighting on the market sent either to your nearest post office or all the way to your door. We at Calixter think everyone deserves a cozy and beautiful home with the latest lighting & design on the market.

Our first product launch


Bolux is designed by Tyra Matsdotter. The idea behind the design was that the lamp should be trendy and timeless. We want to create a stylish and exclusive feeling, the design of Bolux means that it is a lamp that is suitable for several decades regardless of trends.


Expanding our collection

We present our brand new collections that show the strong Scandinavian design, created with high-quality materials and minimalism.

Environment friendly

Made in Europe

We can happily announce that in 2022 we switched to a European producer in order to have locally produced lamps that maintain an exclusive quality.